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Mask Slingshot for Sale

I found this Slingshot RV/Surveillance Unit and Sonic Jet tucked away in its original box. It has a Copyright of 1986 on the papers and is made in Hong Kong by Kenner. The Ace Riker action figure is seated in the jet as you can see in the pictures.

Very little wear is shown on the toy. The Bomb that attaches to the bottom of the Jet Airplane is missing. I also had difficulty latching the sides of the RV. Everything else seemed to work good. It really is a clever toy the way that a Airplane fits into a RV. Also neat is the way the Airplane launcher is a set of guns that rotate as you drive the RV.

The instructions are included along with a nice shinny color poster. The poster has no tears but is wrinkled a bit as you can see in the pictures. After having been folded up for so many years it didn’t want to lay out flat. I think it would flatten out OK if laid out right.

The box has some good graphics as you can see in the pictures below, but it also has damage and wear on it. The one end flap is torn and a piece is missing, also there is no inside packing in the box.
If you click on the small pictures they will expand so you can see them better.

All in all I think it is a very neat toy, especially when you think it is 27 years old. I am asking $39.00 for it plus postage. I will consider offers and I do accept PayPal. I hope it finds a good home. Contact me at

G I Joe Lunch box for Sale

I have had this G I Joe Tiger Force Lunch Box on a high shelf in my workshop for years. I always liked the graphics on it. It is by Aladdin and it has the thermos with it. It has a 1988 copyright by Hasbro inc. on it. It shows almost no wear, I don’t think it was ever used. I don’t remember where I got it, but I have no box or papers with it. I saved it because I thought my grand children might like it, but they never did. This one is really nice and I am asking $16.00 plus postage for it. I do take PayPal and will consider offers. I can be reached at

Teddy Ruxpin Things for Sale

I have seven Teddy Ruxpin Answer Box sets. They have a unit with a book attached that plugs into the Teddy Ruxpin and a cassette tape. It is the counting is fun set. I know very little about this toy and am unable to test them. They are dated 1985 and as you can see from the pictures they look new. Five sets have all original packing, latch is on tape yet and instructions are in box. One set is complete but lacks the Styrofoam packing on one end of box. The seventh box has the main plug in unit and book along with the instructions. The cassette tape and the packing are missing.

I am asking $10.00 apiece for the Answer Box sets and would consider offers, especially on combinations of toys. I have more Teddy Ruxpin things I will describe below.
I have a Teddy’s Winter Adventure Book and Tape. by World of Wonder Inc. It has a 1985 copyright. It is in its box, but the top of the box is torn. The book and tape don’t look as if they were ever played with much. I am asking $10.00 plus postage for this set.

I have the Teddy Ruxpin Lullabies book and tape shown in the picture. It has a 1985 copyright also. The book looks unused but the tape shows some handling. There is no box or papers with it. I would like $ 8.00 plus postage for this set

I also have two Picture show discs and the tape that goes with them. They have a 1989 Copyright. The title is Gimmick Learns a Lesson. I have no box or papers with these. They have been played with but look Ok. Interestingly printed on the picture disk is the statement, ” will not work in View-Master”.

I am asking $6.00 plus postage for this set. I am open to offers and I do accept PayPal. I would also be happy to answer questions. I can be reached at

Susie Scribbles ABC Set for sale

I found this Susie Scribbles ABC set tucked away. It was made by Wonderama Toys Inc. It Contains a cassette tape, Crayola Crayons, pad of Paper and good works stickers. The set is listed for preschool to age 6 children. The date on the tape is 1987. The date on the crayons is 1988.The crayons are unused. I don’t think the rest of set has been used much if at all.

As you can see in the picture some stickers are missing and several are loose on the sheet. It is interesting that the stickers are the kind you need to moisten or lick to make stick.
The box and packing are as you see in the picture. The graphics are good but there is damage from tape. The back of the box has more Damage and tears than the front.
This set would make a nice addition for someone who has the Susie Scribbles doll.

I am asking $10.00 plus postage for the set. I would consider offers and I do acept PayPal. I can be reached at

1987 Fit-A-Pocket Play Set for Sale

I have this Travel City Fit-A-Pocket Play Set by Galoob. It has the copyright date of 1987 on it. I found no instructions, stickers or box, only what you see in the pictures. I have no idea where I acquired this set. Tucked away with other kinds of stuff it has been forgotten for years.
It has been played with and is not complete as you can see by the following pictures. The Car Wash, House and Motel appear complete. the Hospital, Drive-Inn and Police Station are mostly there but have some parts missing. There are parts of two other sets. Without a parts list it is impossible for me to know for sure what is missing. So what you see is what there is. It is a unique and fun looking set. It is interesting how it all packs up into the little boxes.
It needs a good home. I am asking $19.00 plus postage for it. I do accept PayPal and I am open to offers. Contact me at

Travel City

Parts of Two Sets

Packed up to Fit-A-Pocket

Tank Attack Game for sale

This is the LCD action Tank Attack game with super sounds, by Tiger Electronic Toys Inc. The copy right on the Box is 1988.

Game looks very good, almost no wear. I played it a bit and it seems to work good. The problem is the base is missing.The box is in good condition with some tape marks on end. I have no instructions or papers with it. You can see by the pictures how good it looks. This would be ideal if you have one in poor condition or that doesn’t work.

These cold winter days I have been cleaning out the back room of the Lab. Being somewhat of a pack rat, it is quite full and I hate throwing things away. I am hoping that someone could use this item. I am asking $8.00 plus postage for it. I will consider offers. You can reach me at I do accept PayPal.

Starting Lineup Talking Baseball Game for Sale

This is a Parker Brothers game with a 1988 copyright on the box. As you can see in the pictures below it is a neat looking game. You can play baseball with the Major League Super Star players of the 1980’s

The instructions are included. The sticker sheet is somewhat wrinkled but it is mostly complete. It looks like two or three stickers have been removed from the top edge. A few of the round ones are loose on the sheet as you can see in the picture.
There is a sealed pack of Baseball cards plus four extra cards.  A Baseball Hall of Fame cartridge is included.

I played the game for a short while and not only did it seem to work good but it was fun. It doesn’t show much wear from handling. The battery cover is missing. I can also see from the picture on the box that four decorative light stands and two flag poles are missing. There is no list of what should be included. So we are back to what you see is what you get.
The box has great pictures and is complete. It shows some wear and has tape on the outside as you can see from the pictures. The inner packing has also survived. Interestingly there is still an original price tag of $99.99 still on the box.
I am asking $25.00 plus postage for it. I am open to offers and will be happy to answer any questions you have. I do accept PayPal. I can be reached by E-Mail

Tonka GoBot Command Center for Sale

I have a Tonka GoBots Command Center number 7240. It is dated 1984 and is packed in a catalog order box. The box is in poor condition from age and none of the inside packing is there.
The Instructions are included and from them I was able to check the contents. Everything is there and as you can see from the pictures. Most of the parts are still on their plastic trees.

The plastic parts are in very good condition. I have repacked every thing in bags to keep it nice and to prevent loss. The Decal sheet looks good but it has some wrinkles from being loose in the box for so many years. I have packed it tight, between two pieces of clean flat cardboard. That will prevent further wrinkles and hopefully improve it.
I have considered assembling and displaying this item in my lab but I just don’t have the room.
I am asking $50.00 plus Postage for it. I do accept PayPal. I can be reached at

Touch Down Pinball for sale

I dug out this Touch Down Pinball game. It is a Tiger Electronics model 7-923 with a copy right date on box of 1988.  However the box had a slip marked 11/29/89 in the box.

The box has very attractive graphics as you can see in the pictures below. It is in nice condition with a little wear on edges and some tape damage on ends. It works well and sounds much like the old pinball machines.
It looks nearly new with only a few small scratches in the plastic. Itis packed in its original box with all parts and instructions. I don’t think it was ever played with much. This is an unusual old toy in very good condition. I think it would make a neat display piece.
I am asking $19.00 for it plus whatever the cost of postage is. I can accept PayPal.
Contact me at

The Simpson’s Board Game for Sale

The Simpson’s My Story of Life board game. Made in USA by Cardinal Industry’s. It has the number 4300 on it and a copyright date of 1990.

The graphics on box are neat and the condition is good. There is one small nick on box front. The physical condition of the box is very good.
The playing board looks new. From its appearance, I don’t think it has ever been played on.
The cards have not been separated from the sheet they were printed on as you can see from the pictures below. This is good assurance that none are missing.
The instruction sheet is included and doesn’t look like it has had much handling.

I unfolded the sheet the cards are printed on in the picture on the left below.

The photo below and on the right shows the only shortcoming of the set. The only thing punched out is the Bart Simpson figure and he is missing . Even the stand for him is still here. It makes one wonder what the story behind this is.
As you can see the stands and the dice are sealed in their bag. The paper money is still bound in its pad.
The figures of the Simpsons are very glossy. My picture does not do them Justice. They are really quite clear and nice. This old man will have to work at learning how to take better picture.

I am asking $19.00 plus postage and insurance for the game. I will consider offers. I do now accept PayPal. I can be reached at