Susie Scribbles ABC Set for sale

I found this Susie Scribbles ABC set tucked away. It was made by Wonderama Toys Inc. It Contains a cassette tape, Crayola Crayons, pad of Paper and good works stickers. The set is listed for preschool to age 6 children. The date on the tape is 1987. The date on the crayons is 1988.The crayons are unused. I don’t think the rest of set has been used much if at all.

As you can see in the picture some stickers are missing and several are loose on the sheet. It is interesting that the stickers are the kind you need to moisten or lick to make stick.
The box and packing are as you see in the picture. The graphics are good but there is damage from tape. The back of the box has more Damage and tears than the front.
This set would make a nice addition for someone who has the Susie Scribbles doll.

I am asking $10.00 plus postage for the set. I would consider offers and I do acept PayPal. I can be reached at