Mask Slingshot for Sale

I found this Slingshot RV/Surveillance Unit and Sonic Jet tucked away in its original box. It has a Copyright of 1986 on the papers and is made in Hong Kong by Kenner. The Ace Riker action figure is seated in the jet as you can see in the pictures.

Very little wear is shown on the toy. The Bomb that attaches to the bottom of the Jet Airplane is missing. I also had difficulty latching the sides of the RV. Everything else seemed to work good. It really is a clever toy the way that a Airplane fits into a RV. Also neat is the way the Airplane launcher is a set of guns that rotate as you drive the RV.

The instructions are included along with a nice shinny color poster. The poster has no tears but is wrinkled a bit as you can see in the pictures. After having been folded up for so many years it didn’t want to lay out flat. I think it would flatten out OK if laid out right.

The box has some good graphics as you can see in the pictures below, but it also has damage and wear on it. The one end flap is torn and a piece is missing, also there is no inside packing in the box.
If you click on the small pictures they will expand so you can see them better.

All in all I think it is a very neat toy, especially when you think it is 27 years old. I am asking $39.00 for it plus postage. I will consider offers and I do accept PayPal. I hope it finds a good home. Contact me at