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Network to the shop

I have a great shop, it is kept comfortable year around. my tools are there, I spend a lot of time in it. One of the best things is nobody complains when I make a mess even if something explodes. I have had a computer out there of course, with one shortcoming. I couldn’t reach my network as I was about 120 feet from my router in my house office . Digging a cable in is possible but hard work. Being the shop building is metal sheathed Wireless would work only if I stood in front of the only window. Not handy for doing much work. My son the wizard came up with the solution. Two Belkin wireless G+ routers. The first picture is in my house office and The second is in my shop. Note both are by windows, also they are in line of sight. The third picture shows the mounting material I used, an old clear plastic clipboard about 1/4 inch thick.

Main router in house Shop Router Raw material This was chosen not only because it was on hand but it wouldn’t interfere with the signal on the window mount. Picture 4 shows the clear mount sheet in place. this allows the router to be mounted so the front is visible and the signal has a clear path. picture 5 shows the 50 feet of cable to get to my work bench. picture 5 shows distribution router on the shelf above my work bench.

Plastic mount cable run work bench mount The system works great, I understand the two wireless routers need to be identical. The only thing I bought was the wireless routers, the rest was salvage.The additional router by my bench allows me to plug in a laptop or a computer I’m working on.

I want to thank my Son the wizard for the technical knowledge that made this possible

The best laid plans of Mice and Men

The best laid plans of Mice and men often go astray

Everything can\'t go rightThey said this can’t happen but it did. I’m glad I didn’t leave it on the front seat of my truck.