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Ertl Semi Trucks for Sale

I have the trucks pictured below. They are all 1/64 scale made by the Ertl Co. and are still in their original packaging. They are all die cast metal with rubber tires on them.
First is the limited edition Land-O-Lakes produced for and sold only by the Toy Farmer magazine in 1995. I think it sold originality for $29.00. As you can see in the picture, it has a beautiful picture on the side of the trailer. The truck in the picture is of the one I have on display, The one I am selling is still in its original box.
Second is the Blue and White Coke Freight-Liner made by Ertl in 1998
Third is the Yellow Coke Peterbuilt made by Ertl in 1997

Land O Lakes Truck

I have decided that one of each of these trucks is all I need so I have decided to part with the extra ones. I will sell them for $20.00 each, plus postage. I do take PayPal. I can be reached at