1987 Fit-A-Pocket Play Set for Sale

I have this Travel City Fit-A-Pocket Play Set by Galoob. It has the copyright date of 1987 on it. I found no instructions, stickers or box, only what you see in the pictures. I have no idea where I acquired this set. Tucked away with other kinds of stuff it has been forgotten for years.
It has been played with and is not complete as you can see by the following pictures. The Car Wash, House and Motel appear complete. the Hospital, Drive-Inn and Police Station are mostly there but have some parts missing. There are parts of two other sets. Without a parts list it is impossible for me to know for sure what is missing. So what you see is what there is. It is a unique and fun looking set. It is interesting how it all packs up into the little boxes.
It needs a good home. I am asking $19.00 plus postage for it. I do accept PayPal and I am open to offers. Contact me at rodander@frontiernet.net

Travel City

Parts of Two Sets

Packed up to Fit-A-Pocket