Tonka GoBot Command Center for Sale

I have a Tonka GoBots Command Center number 7240. It is dated 1984 and is packed in a catalog order box. The box is in poor condition from age and none of the inside packing is there.
The Instructions are included and from them I was able to check the contents. Everything is there and as you can see from the pictures. Most of the parts are still on their plastic trees.

The plastic parts are in very good condition. I have repacked every thing in bags to keep it nice and to prevent loss. The Decal sheet looks good but it has some wrinkles from being loose in the box for so many years. I have packed it tight, between two pieces of clean flat cardboard. That will prevent further wrinkles and hopefully improve it.
I have considered assembling and displaying this item in my lab but I just don’t have the room.
I am asking $50.00 plus Postage for it. I do accept PayPal. I can be reached at