Ninja Turtle Pizza Power Game For Sale

This is the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pizza Power box Game by MIRAGE STUDIOS copyright 1987. Below is the pictures of the box. The Box is sturdy and the graphics on the front are fairly good. There is one small scar on the front cover. As you can see the surface of back of the box has some ripples  but the picture still looks quite good.

The game doesn’t look like it was played with much. Below are the pictures of the game board and cards.

There are 24 good guy cards and 20 bad guy cards. The four ninja Turtle figures also look new. The stands for the figures are included along with some plastic coins or markers.  I found no instructions but there was a content list printed on the outside of the box. The bad news is one plastic battle flipper and the Die are missing.

As you can see below I sealed the cards and small parts in plastic bags to keep them from getting lost. Unlike the picture the cards are all colored clearly and evenly. They are shiny and this old man just couldn’t get a clear picture.

This is a very old game and it needs a good home.
I am asking $19.00 for it plus whatever the postage and insurance comes to. I would also be open to offers.
I do accept PayPal. I can be reached at