Fixing my Computer case

I upgraded my shop computer when I got a deal on a used Mother Board with a quad core AMD 64 processor. This board had a big cooler on it. Things worked out really well until I went to put the side on the case. As you can see the cooler is above the yard stick I am holding on the case. My first inclination was to change the case. Checking my junk, I found nothing that would work. Many things entered my mind, including leaving the cover off. My next option was cutting a hole in the cover and I didn’t care for that.
My mind slipped back to my old Hot Rod days. I dug out my Ballpean hammer and a flat piece of iron to pound against. I was lucky, the cover was mild steel and worked easily. It was cold out at my welding table so I started in the lab where it is nice and warm. The picture below shows my efforts. You can see that I wasn’t getting a nice job with old hammer. I went out and dug through my tools. I came up with my car body repair tool I had purchased in the 1950’s.  A small hand held anvil and the flat body hammer.  In the days before Bondo, dents were worked out by hand. Iron can be stretched and shrunk if you have the right skills. I learned a bit but I never came close to the old timers. You can see it taking shape. It was harder for me as the mesh area worked differently. The fact that it has been a few years since I have worked at something like this, had an effect. Though not perfect, I did get it “good enough for a town this size”. ( a favorite saying of a good friend I worked with back in the 1960’s)

The picture on the left shows my final trial fit. I had a minimum clearance of about a quarter inch .  I was tempted to stop at this point. I took the picture, but then decided the finish was too messed up for me to quit now. I took it off and sprayed it black. No one will notice it now but that is good. The amount of time I put in will never be talked about, but I proved to myself that I can still do a few things. I must say it was more fun than buying a new case.