Cookie Munsters for sale

This is Sesame Street Cookie Munster Popper Game by Lewco. Corporation. It Has a 1988 copy right date.
I have the three Cookie Munster toys and the 17 cookies that go with them. They are about 8 inches high and I think they look really neat.

They are clean and show little or no wear. I have no boxes or instructions for them. They are made to play with by pushing the bottom of the cookie jar down to where it catches. You then take turns putting the cookies in till the bottom pops up. That makes the cookies fly out. They do work but I have no idea how long they are suppose to stay down and they are old. I have thought of making a real cookie jar out of one of them or maybe a planter for flowers. I know they are too good to throw away. I am asking $10.00 for the three of them, plus postage. I will always consider offers. You can reach me at I do accept PayPal also.