Thunder Cats Kids Tents For Sale

Here is another strange thing I found tucked away in my stuff. It is two Thunder Cats Kids tents Made by Winnebago Industries Inc.  Here I thought Winnebago only made Motor Homes !
I have only the nylon part of the tent. The spring rods that hold it up are missing. The nylon part is the only thing I have.

The tents are made of Nylon and appear unused. They are 72 inches long, 35 inches wide, and 32 inches high at center. As you can see in the pictures there is a long zipper for the door way .
The graphics are very neat and slightly different on each tent even though the style number on both tents is 11854.

I just couldn’t throw these away. I am sure there is some clever use for them. as you can see on the label they are 1.7 Oz Nylon.

There were no boxes or instructions, no posts or rods, no stakes. I want to say again there is only the nylon tents.
I am asking $9.00 for the pair plus the postage. I am open to offers and suggestions.
I can be reached at I also accept PayPal for payment.