Antique Shoe Memorabilia

These are shoe related pictures and Advertisements.The following items are all NEW old stock that we purchased in 2002. They were made in the 1990’s by Victorian Gallery out of Burlington, Kansas. They are all reproductions of old pictures and are beautifully done on a very good grade of paper. There are three note card and three Lithograph Prints. I would like to get $22.00 plus shipping. Please contact me at I do take Pay Pal and I am negotiable.

Hamilton Brown Shoe 5 x 7 Note Card John Mundell and Company 5 x 7 Note Card Nox em all Shoes 5 x 7 Note Card

C.T. & W. F. Bidwell Boots and Shoes 6 ¾ x 9 ¼ Lithograph Print

Ladies night Out 11 x 14 Lithograph Print

Fixing Dollies Shoes 11 x 14 Lithograph Print