Casio Drum Set For Sale

I have this new Casio DP-1 drum pad set. It was packed in a cardboard box. Brackets for attaching it to a drum stand are still sealed in their plastic bags. The  instruction sheet is included. As you can see in the pictures, I removed one drum set from its bag for the pictures.

I don’t believe anything was ever opened before. Bar code number 79767 39016 along with “made in Japan” was the only other information on the box.

I could find no date.

Instructions state it is for connecting to a Casiotone Keyboard. My old Casio keyboard did not have the right jacks to plug the Drum Pads in. If it had I probably would have given this to my Grandsons, as it is it needs a good home
I am asking $29.00 plus postage for it. I am open to offers. I accept PayPal. I can be reached at