Playing with Junk

Too good to throw out   not good enough to use

Too good to throw out not good enough to use

I have always been curious about how things are made. I often take things apart just to see what is inside. Above is a hard drive I took apart the other day. one of the interesting things were the magnets. they are the strongest magnets I have ever played with. The flat curved piece in the lower right of the above picture is the magnet after I pried it off the bracket in the lower right corner.
the pile of parts got pushed aside on my work space while I started another quick project. While laying my soldering iron down I tipped the cheap tin rest over. This was very annoying. The thin strong magnet came to my mind. It fit perfectly under the tin rest and held it firmly to the bench top. I just needed to fasten the magnet to the rest, so I could move it around easily.
B Ready for glue
Naturally I reached for the J B Weld. A good coating and I pushed the magnet in tight.C applying Glue finnished project I spotted a piece of foam and put on the bottom. That way I didn’t have to clean up the J B Weld I had over most of the bottom. It also keeps the rest from scratching the desk surface. The rest now stays firmly in one place but is also easily moved. No more tipping over when you bump the cord or Iron. A simple fun project making use of junk.