the good life

Last summer someone was telling how they drove up from Phoenix in two days. I asked them why, the reply was their was nothing worth seeing in between. This bothered me, as I have always enjoyed the back roads and side streets of America. Recently My bride and I drove out to Pagosa Springs over Wolf Creek Pass. ( No! I wasn’t driving a 47 Peterbuilt with a load of Road Island Reds.) We took the back roads, stopping often, and taking pictures. It was anything but dull. We visited a High School buddy of mine, (Willmar class of 1959) Sid did the right thing, became an engineer at Intel, now has a beautiful summer home in the mountains in addition to a home in Phoenix. We had a great time and I hope I didn’t drive them too crazy.

At one of the first of the many Garage sales a lady was selling her brother-in-laws CD of his original songs about Nebraska for $1.00 each. It wasn’t near as good as her home made brownies for the same price, but then you don’t win every time and the trunk was full when I arrived back home I enjoyed the Ford show room in Nebraska with a model train display and I looked at many nice old cars along the way. I saw a lot of project cars and more potential ones and visited with many old car lovers. Their was the old style gas station the owner refused to destroy even tho he could no longer sell gas. The owner wasn’t around, but I was told he works on his collector cars here and often has one parked in the driveway. They say he likes to visit with people that stop in so if you ever close to Norton Kansas check it out. I’ve included a few photos I took along the way.

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