The Crew at Goosebery Falls

On The Way

Last week My bride and I joined with seven other couples from the car club and motored to Duluth, MN. We traveled most of the way with the top down. It was a most enjoyable trip, and I enjoyed the attention the four red convertibles attracted.

It had been Years since I had spent any time in Duluth, and of course the city has changed. The area by the Lift Bridge is very cosmopolitan, factories and warehouses are now replaced by upscale tourist things.

We toured the Condon estate and Mansion home of one of the great Robber Barrons, the stable was finer than many homes.

Driving around with the top down is such a different feeling. One feels free with the wind in your hair and the sky above.

It was a relaxed trip, we all enjoyed stopping at Garage sales, Flea Markets, and anywhere the urge took us.

Garage Sale Fun

Flea Market Fun

Me, My Bride, the red Capri

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