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Hey everyone, this is Jeremy, Rod’s son. Dad’s still working on things now and then, but he’s doing less welding and woodworking and general seat-of-the-pants engineering than he used to.

Apparently, i have taken the helm on that front, and while i’ve maintained a small and mostly abandoned blog for the last thirty years or so, i’ve never really settled in anywhere. facebook, twitter, linkedin, they’re all fine, but even mastodon requires relying on someone else’s servers to keep content available. Call me crazy, but i have a hard time trusting big business to do anything right — particularly techbros.

This is a long way of saying, i guess i’m migrating content off of my old blog to here, at least the stuff worth saving. SO, there will be a few more posts about things like IT stuff, 3d printing, and other asshattery. Also, more profanity, because i have more rough edges than my father.

Rod starts fabricating the railing for Jeremy’s Garage

Nothing cuts through steel like an Oxy-Acetylene torch

There won’t be enough steel for the whole railing, but there will be enough to substantially contribute.

Sharpening a Reel Mower

While most people look at Holidays as a chance to relax and drink beer, we here at LightningRod Labs view it as a chance to save the environment.

Okay, maybe we drink beer while we’re doing it, too. Regardless of that, for 2008, we decided to document the easy way to sharpen a reel mower — potentially saving you $60+ over a professional sharpening, while still making the mower every bit as sharp. Click here for more.

Looks like Rod got himself a father’s day present…

Click here to get a look at Rod’s new car.

No word on whether he’s planning to retrofit it with cold fusion or not.